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TCOBrowser is a Cocoa viewer application dedicated to the Catalogue Online. It was written to provide an easy way for Mac OS X users to access documentation and information about and -related packages available through CTAN, as well as some of the documentation on your local system. TCOBrowser also allows installation of Mik packages, so you can easily add to your local tree. It currently supports updating the list of available packages by parsing ftp output from CTAN, and extracting the Windows “.cab” files using cabextract. The “.cab” file list updater was a pain to write, but it should be a decent example of using CFReadStreamCreateWithFTPURL() and friends.

Some calls for help on the project include maintaining and periodically uploading of the catalogue to the website. For this task only a little experience with the terminal and installation of PyXML is needed. A list of tasks where programming help is needed is available on the TCOBrowser website.