About the Mac OS X Toolbox

The idea for this meta-project comes from the Mac TWG, a group of people working on on the Mac under the aegis of the TeX Users Group. The direct reason for me to get involved was the fact that there were four equation editors out there, each offering roughly the same functionality — and replicating some bugs in early releases. This seemingly needless duplication of effort is such a waste of time — time better spent on adding new features to interesting tools.

I contacted the authors of the four tools, and their reaction was generally positive. I also asked why they hadn't built on top of the other programs already available. One stated that the licensing terms of the other tool he initially had altered wasn't clear enough to release it [1]. Another author was afraid that open-sourcing his tool would ‘force’ him to support his creation, eating up time he doesn’t have [2]. Neither of these two developers had heard of the large Mac OS X community around the Mac- web site and the mailing list hosted there. All users are recommended to join this list, and I think developers should at least be lurking there to listen to their users, and possibly provide some support.

Update (May first, 2006): A fifth candidate appeared on the scene. Sigh. Tells you either how succesful this site is, or how little time I have makeing noise over here. I'll point the author to this site, and ask for a reaction.

Project goals and methods

This project itself got underway thanks to a message from Jérôme Laurens, of iMac fame. Together we formulated the goals for this meta-project:

Rules for participation

These communications and past experiences have led to some simple requirements to participate in this project. Joining the mailing list is free to all.