Ideas for articles

These articles haven’t been written, yet. If you'd like to write them, or have an even better idea for something completely different – but and Mac software development related, don’t hesitate to submit an article. You may want to announce to me that you're going to write one, so that you can collaborate with other volunteers, or otherwise avoid dupplication of effort.

These are articles describing various issues related to -development on Mac OS X. If you have an article, please submit it to me at I’ll accept most plain text formats (HTML, , , or even unmarked text). To get you started, I have prepared an archive with some (BBEdit) templates. They are plain text, and should provide a starting point regardless of the editor you use.

If you want to avoid duplication of effort here, please inquire if something about the subject is in the pipeline before you start writing. Corrections to the articles should be discussed with the respective authors, and can later be added as an appendix so fruitful discussion may follow. These will probably take place on the mailing list, and pointers to the archives can be added to the article later on (drop me a note if I missed a reference).

In due time the articles will be made available as pdf-files and the -source code, where appropriate – the and solutions for an equation editor: the baseline problem corrected article is in the pipeline right now.